Suffrage is likely the single most difficult civil right to protect. Protecting individual rights to move about, speak, and hold to religious beliefs is at least attached to the person. So there is an agent that is visibly oppressed when these are denied, or stolen.

But with suffrage, your right to vote can be separated from you as soon as you cast your ballot. While the appearance of voting can be easily created, the accurate counting of a voter's intentions and preferences can be disappeared in the the passage of a law or the press of a key.

More is required of citizens than simply showing up to vote and casting your ballot. We must have confidence in the integrity of our voting systems to be certain the will of the PEOPLE is being carried out.

Research the candidates and study the issues before you vote using the links provided here, but also follow the ballots. Dive a bit deeper to learn more about how to improve our voting system and what we should be doing about the voting machines used in so many parts of the country.


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