An informed electorate is necessary if any experiment in human self-governance is going to succeed. A free press is the only form of private enterprise hard coded into our Constitution.

Given that humans are hackable, and easily swayed by media manipulation, it becomes all the more important for the people to identify and support sources of information that do not carry water for entrenched power and the establishment apparatchik. These sources do exist, and you can find many of them here.

This feild of effort is broken down into four main parts, where each requires effort to keep up with the changing times.

Keeping Up


Sources of news and analysis that break out of the U.S. centric mass media mold and provide a clear eyed view on both domestic and world events. There are also extensive resources for journalists and links to organizations that support journalism as a profession.


Sources for doing your own research on candidates and issues, as well as some handy voter guides on specific issues. There are also sections on how our election process can be improved, and understanding the risks posed by electronic voting machines.


A curated collection of the most interesting articles on a variety of important and timely subjects. Browsing the archives is encouraged.


Tools required for critical evaluation of new information and how to protect your mind from manipulation by forces which seek power over it.

Further Actions

It is also important to make your opinion known by writing your local newspaper. Here is a handy guide for California newspapers.

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