Get to Know a Candidate

The vetting process is the most resource intensive function performed by the organization on a continuous basis.

Output of this effort is useful to the organization for endorsement purposes, as well as being extremely valuable to the organization's membership when they prepare to cast their vote. Members can rely on the organization to provide timely and accurate details on each candidate as they relate to the polices members favor and how well groups under the umbrella align with them.

The Work

The vetting process requires several steps:

Follow Up

The candidate is then assigned a case manager who follows up with the candidate, provides debate schedule information and monitors the candidates debate performance and public statements for alignment with their stated policy goals.

This continues into the term of office, should the candidate win election, providing periodic updates regarding progress toward the candidate's policy goals and continuous endorsement re-evaluation.

If endorsement status is changed, a candidate is given the chance to appeal and correct errors, explain votes, or change policy goals.