Justice in Society - Government vs Corporation

Credo for a system of government that empowers the people to determine what is just, rather than allow society to be made by corporations and the wealthy.


Democratic Socialism - A Representative Republic view

Finding balance between Democracy and Socialism in a political system where money equals speech and corporations are people.


Redefine Political Party - Accountability and Representation

A new definition of political party for the people based on science and proven policy. Hold candidates accountable for their time in office.


Party Platform - Rebuilding a structure from the ground up

How to structure the political policy platform of a new party organization focused on economic and environmental justice for all people in society.


Effective Public Policy - It is known, as they say

Local and State government are natural laboratories for finding effective public policy. Let's use what they find.


Party Endorsement - Know what you are voting for

A political party organization must assure voters of where a candidate stands on the issues and hold them accountable. Otherwise, what are they doing for you?


Candidate Profile - Where do they stand on the issues?

Score provides an easy visual summary of political candidate positions on issues. Complete with endorsement strength and policy profile at a glance.


Party Factions - What happens when we disagree?

Shows how a new political party organization can provide for the diverse views of factions within, and still have an overarching policy foundation.


Electoral Clout - Credibility on policy matters

A new political party organization builds electoral clout by incorporating diverse views into the platform and show they fighting for it.


Party Public Face - Show the world what we stand for.

The perception of a political party is formed by the public face it puts forward during the public debates. Perception wins votes.


Good Faith Brokers - Negotiation 101

A new political party organization builds trust and fosters cooperation between factions to achieve the greater goal.


Sources and Credible Analysis - A guide to finding the truth

Who can you rely on to provide credible analysis of world events? A curated collection sources aims to provide the objective view of reality you need.


Journalism - The fourth estate

The fourth estate as it was intended to be. Journalism is the only constitutionally protected private enterprise.


Ballots and Counting - A case for a robust chain of custody

Elections run on ballots and the counting of them is as important as the casting of them. An informed electorate starts here.


Electronic Voting - Can you count on electrons and bits?

Our electronic voting machines are vulnerable to hacking or worse, deliberate manipulation by those in control. It matters who counts the votes.


Ranked Choice Voting - How we will vote in the future

An alternative to First Past the Post voting is Ranked Choice Voting or Instant Runoff Voting. It better represents the will of the people.


Featured Article - An informed electorate is essential

Articles sourced from around the world to stimulate the mind and educate the reader. An informed electorate will ensure self-governance.


Article Collection - Relevant and essential reading

Interesting articles that have earned a bookmark are saved here for reference.


Freedom Meter - What grade do you give America?

Take the test and post your letter grade for America on social media with a link to the test for others to take. Scoring is on the honor system (for now).

Lizze Faire

Monopoly Game Revisited - Original game rules restored

Play Monopoly as it was intended by the original creator Lizzie Maggie. She designed it to highlight the flaws of capitalism and provide an alternative gameplay.