The Candidate Vetting process is the most resource intensive function performed by the organization on a continuous basis.

It requires several steps:

    Candidate Petition for Endorsement. This includes completing a platform questionnaire to indicate where they align with the Policy Platform planks.

    Evaluation of the questionnaire for compliance with endorsement guidelines and minimum criteria and initial outreach for background data and references.

    Background check (criminal, social media, voting record, etc.) for inconstancies or adverse information. Including interview of references.

    Candidate interview and Q&A where both sides can resolve any outstanding issues

    Endorsement decision by the executive board and public announcement that includes a Candidate Identification System (CIS) score.


The candidate is then turned over to a case manager who follows up with the candidate, provides debate schedule information and monitors debate performance and public statements made by the candidate for alignment with stated policy platform goals.

This continues into the term of office should the candidate win and provides periodic updates to the candidates file regarding progress toward stated goals and re-evaluation for continued endorsement.

If endorsement status is changed, the candidate is given a chance to appeal and correct errors, explain votes or change policy positions