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Gettysburg Address (1863):

... government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth

Was Abraham Lincoln talking about Democratic Socialism way back then?

Democracy = OF the people

Socialism = FOR the people


Since corporations as we know them today had not been invented yet, it's safe to assume that he meant REAL people, and that he also meant  we should have the ultimate say in how our lives are going to be shaped.

Increasingly, that is not the case in America or even globally. In fact corporate board rooms are now where those decisions are being made and there is little, if any, input from the people who will be impacted by those decisions.

Unrestrained capitalism has developed a level of control over the affairs of man that we are now grateful when Apple decides  your personal information is worth protecting.

But who is protecting your personal information from Apple and other for-profit empires?

The 4th Amendment still exists in the founding documents, but has been  abandoned in the name of security by a government far more beholden to corporate lobbyists than to the PEOPLE who vote.

The answer is Democratic Socialism

Corporations should really take the 3rd spot in the hierarchy where the PEOPLE come first, and the Government comes second, which has the power to create (or extinguish) corporations by the setting of market rules and regulations.

It's supposed to go like this:

  • Government
  • corporations

In that order.

Understanding that WE are the government and WE decide what is in the best interests of  society and the Earth we inhabit. If someone can find a way to make a profit while doing that, then good for them. Everybody wins, as long as no one is exploited in the process.

But if profit alone is insufficient motivation, then we use the tax code to fund the things we feel are important directly. Things like infrastructure and clean air / water.