What does it mean to:  put PEOPLE over PROFIT?

It means just what is says. No more. No less.

The statement stems from a  principle of Economic Justice which values the existence of  people over the profits of merchants.

That is not to say they are at odds with one another, in fact, just the opposite. The best interests of the people are also the best interests of a merchant who wishes to continue in their endeavor -- for without people -- their profits would vanish.

What is Profit -- What is Advantage.

Consider these points made by John Ruskinin in his writings "Unto This Last" (1862):

  • Wealth is the conjunction of character and material value, but each is destructive of the other.
  • There is no profit in exchange, only advantage - profit only results from labor.
  • Gain in exchange by one party is loss to the other party and depends on that party's powerlessness or ignorance.
  • Fair exchange requires that all parties know the advantages to the others. Any attempt to conceal is deceit.
  • All labor can be divided into positive (producing life) and negative (producing death).
  • The prosperity of a nation is in proportion to the quantity of labor it spends on obtaining and employing the means of life.

How do all these things fit together?

These charts tell a story of interrelatedness among the ideas of:

Labor and Capital -- Environment and Profit -- Justice and Power.

Each of them are worthy of a moments study.


The Just Package


Health Justice